What better way to teach your K9 the proper pack structure than with a pack of balanced K9's?  If your K9 is dog friendly then this simple yet effective method will help your K9 develop socialization skills and build confidence by interacting with our pack of balanced K9's.  Each session will be about 1.5 hours and will be available by appointment.  The session will start with a nice easy one mile walk which we will train you how to properly walk your dog on a leash.  The walk will be with some of our pack to help them get acquainted and walk off any nervous or excess energy.  Once the walk is complete they will then get to play in one of our 3 fenced yard areas to explore and play with the pack.  We have assorted structures for them to run on and jump or run through.  Plenty for them to explore and have fun, our set up is similar to a dog park.  We provide a supervised play date and know and understand K9 behaviors which will prevent unwanted situations to occur, unlike at a dog park most people do not know what is going on or how dog fights can be prevented.  Sometimes people don't even know what their K9 is doing or even where their K9 is in the park because there is so much energy and activity.  Not only will your K9 be happier and more balanced but we will also be teaching you the basics of their behaviors and what they are communicating to you as well as each other.  Space is limited and dates will vary.

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