Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the training plan for my dog work for my friends dog?

No, each dog and their owner is different than the next persons dog and their owner.  Our training plans are catered to meet you and your dogs needs.

Do you offer any online training?

That is under construction at this time and will possibly be available in the future.

Do you guarantee your work?

Of Course! As long as you are willing to utilize the tools and techniques we share with you and follow through with daily exercise and training then you and your dog will both be satisfied.

Are you able to go long distances to come help us with training?

That depends on the distance required to travel, there will of course be a reasoable additional fee for anything outside our one hour distance range.

How many sessions will my dog need?

This is the most difficult question to answer because each dog and owner will require their own timeline and is unique to any other dog and their owner. A good guess is about four one hour training sessions spread throughout eight weeks with homework and guidance in between each session. This also depends upon what you want to achieve with the sessions. Some things may take less time and some may take more time. The first session is usually fairly accurate to determine the number of sessions you and your dog will need and is sometimes subject to change depending on how much homework you are able to do with your dog between sessions.

Do you offer board and train?

Yes we do! We have four weeks for obedience and behavior modifications and two week plan for obedience only.  It also depends on what you want your dog to learn or what behaviors your dog needs help adjusting.

How much will this cost me?

Since our unique training sessions and plans are catered to you and your dogs needs the prices may vary and when you contact us with more information we will be able to give you a quote on what we anticipate it to be.  It's not that our fees are expensive (we have been told we have some of the lowest), we just want to be able to quote you correctly based on your needs and the location.

Do you offer boarding vacation training sessions?

Yes, we do offer this if you are going out of town and want your k9 spruced up a bit for some training we got you covered.   There will be an additional fee outside of our normal boarding fee.  We can discuss what you want achieved and if it is within reason of the dogs boarding stay with us we will work with your K9 during their stay.  This would be for basic manners, socializing and certain basic obedience (the length of stay and your K9 will play a major factor in the success of this training).

Why can't I just spend the entire day training my dog for one fee?

Dogs are like children and they can only absorb so much information before they lose interest or become bored with the mental stimulation. They also do better to learn a few obedience tricks at a time than to try to cram everything in.

I don't feel like I can be a strong pack leader and my dog is walking all over me, can you help me?

Absolutely! Using Pawsitve energy and being calm and assertive is the way to go and we can teach you what you need to know and what to do to become the leader your dog is craving.

I have a group of dogs how can you help me with all of them and will it cost a lot more?

We certainly can help you with more than one dog at a session. Again depending on what behaviors or obedience you want to achieve and your dogs desire to learn will determine the necessary number of sessions you will need. Some of your dogs may only need one or two one hour sessions while the rest of your pack will need several more. The fee for one hour remains the same no matter the number of dogs you want us to work with. But keep in mind that more dogs will likely require more sessions in order to reach success.