Meet once a week for five weeks with a pack that, just like you needs help learning how to speak dog and learning how to teach your dog obedience commands!  We will cover many common behavior issues and how to correct them.  Space is limited so you must reserve your spot.  There will be a layout we will go over of the most common behavior issues many people experience and how to correct them and we will give each team a chance to ask questions and learn how to correct a behavior that is not so common.  This allows everyone in the group to learn even more!  You may have a question that others didn't think of or that they were going to bring to attention and now they get to fill in with a different question and everyone gets to learn how to resolve!  We will also cover the basic obedience commands and how you can continue to train at home and provide consistency with your K9.   We will cover:  Sit, Come, Stay and Place, Lay Down, Up and Proper leash walking!


Classes need to be paid for at the time of advance registration to hold a spot.  Registrations without payment may not be held if payment is not received at least five days prior to the initial class.

Refunds for classes prior to the start of classes will be given if the request is received five days prior to the first initial class.  Refunds will NOT be given for requests received within the five days prior to the start of classes nor will they be given after the class has begun.

Please come to your classes and be on time, make-up classes are not available for missed classes.  If arrangements are made in advance, the instructor may be able to meet with students fifteen minutes prior to the start of class to brief on what was missed.  Private sessions are also available for an additional fee.

If you or your dog is sick, please do not come to class.  If you have questions about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor.  In the unfortunate event that your dog is sick and you are not you are encouraged to come to class without your dogs to see what is covered that day.

Unaltered dogs are not allowed to attend classes.  Private sessions are available for dogs that are unaltered.

The instructor reserves the right to expel dogs who show aggression towards people or other dogs.  Private sessions may be recommended in these cases.  Please be sure to disclose any aggressive tendencies that your dog may have to the instructor prior to registering.

Dogs must be on leash on the property

Please clean up after your dog

Please do not allow dogs to meet in class until the instructor gives permission.

Please refrain from bringing additional persons to the class each dog is allowed two adults to be present and young children under the age of 12 will need to be supervised by one of the adults so the primary handler of the dog can devote their full attention to the class.  Do not allow your children to run around or advance towards any dogs during class or on the property.

Instructor reserves the right expel the owner(s) of a dog if the owner or family member exhibits disruptive behavior before, during and after class.  Children will also not be allowed to disrupt classes so please be mindful of their behavior and how it can affect other members of the class as well as their dogs whom are in training. The main goal is to achieve a calm atmosphere for the dogs so that they may focus on the training during class.

Service Agreement

Liability Waiver