$100 Per K9 per day Monday-Friday.  A minimum of 6 weeks required in order to cover basic obedience and socialization.  If your K9 lacks K9 socialization and does not need obedience training, there will be a 1 week minimum for Day-traiing Socialization.

Want the results of board and train but still want to take your K9 home with you at the end of the day?  We understand your K9 is like family so we developed what we call Day-training.  Day-training will be strictly for basic obedience and K9 to K9 socialization needs with our pack.  It will not cover any behavior issues or aggression issues with your K9.

This will be a set schedule with a minimum of six weeks to cover all basic obedience.  You will bring your K9 Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-9am and pick up between 6pm-7pm.  Space will be limited to one K9 at a time or if you have multiple k9's from the same home, two K9's at the same time.  Fee is per dog per day.

We will cover these basic obedience commands over the course of 4 weeks, however you will still need to play an important roll in the success of your K9's training by being consistent at home with the training taking place daily while they are here with us.










Note-If your K9 knows some basic commands and you need assistance with other basic obedience commands, please let us know and the minimum time frame can be adjusted.  6 weeks of M-F, 9 hrs a day is what it will take on average for a K9 to learn the basic commands if they don't know any of them.  Each case is different and each K9 as well as owner is different.  If you only want your K9 to learn one or two things that is fine too.  Our minimum will be one week as this is the amount of time it takes to establish a good trusting pawsitive relationship with your K9.  As with any training you as the owner and pack leader will still have a vital role to play with consistency in order for the training to be a success.